At First Presbyterian Church we encourage everyone to

come as they are, grow in grace, and become a disciple-maker.

Living the Story of Redemption

The story of redemption takes a certain shape. You might think of this shape as it is described by John Newton in the song Amazing Grace (right).

As you can see Newton did not see it as the end of the story when he was saved initially. This was just the beginning. He walks many years through many difficulties, toils and snares. It is dangerous. He has triumphed and is thankful. He thanks the Lord for graciously bringing him this far. And now he says that grace has taught his heart to fear and rely on the Lord for future struggles and hardships.

This life of faithfulness to the story of redemption is not intended to be lived alone. We have the Holy Spirit and our Great High Priest, but we also have the people of God walking in solidarity together.