The Session

The Session is the governing body of the church made up of elders elected by the congregation. Our Session is made up of 7 elders. Below we have our ruling elders listed alongside the committees they serve on.

Nominating Committee Pete Haviza

Parish Life Committee Helen Miller

Worship Committee Don Lockhart

Missions Committee Wes Jetter

Personnel Committee Pam Bowman

Education Committee Randy Tester

Clerk of Session John Vehre

Moderator Pastor Andrew Gilman

Board of Deacons

Our deacons are listed below. They lead our church in the ministry of compassion. They serve the needs of both our congregation and community with grace and humility.

Class of 2022

Charlene Thornhill, Ginny Bertram, Cathy Cornell (President)

Class of 2023

Kelsey Ervin (Treasurer), Jenna Gilman, Patti Jetter

Class of 2024

Karen Henninger (Secretary), Susie Leland, Beth Vehre

Youth Representative

Jayden Mumaw