To fill Greenville, Darke County, Ohio and the ends of the earth with the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ.


At First Presbyterian Church we encourage everyone to

come as they are, grow in grace, and become a disciple-maker.


The idea that we are a come as you are church is one that stems from our Lord’s example of inviting and being with sinners (Matthew 9:10-17; Mark 10:15-22; Luke 5:29-39; John 4:1-45). It is also at the heart of Paul’s teaching about the Gospel that Jesus loved us by dying on the cross while we were yet sinners (Romans 5:8). We as a community hold the gospel message as central to all we do. Therefore, it is important to maintain the open invitation of Jesus extended to sinners to come as they are and find grace, restoration, and love with open arms. They receive this from Christ through our loving reception and hospitality to them.


Growing in grace is something that every Christian is called to do. We hope that those who are at our church are nourished in their faith and built up to become mature believers capable of making disciples also. This does not magically happen. We do not get there by merely attending every Sunday morning. We need teaching, fellowship, community and prayer to get there. Sunday morning worship is our primary focus, but we do not leave the important work of sanctification in the sanctuary or we’ll find out that we are spinning our wheels when it comes to making disciples. Therefore, we must encourage every member and attendee to begin the road to their own maturity by getting involved in various education opportunities we have at the church. 


Becoming a disciple maker is the stage at which a believer becomes capable of sustaining and feeding themselves on the Word of God. They are capable of shepherding another in the faith. They can step into service and leadership roles in the church with competence and confidence that resides in the truth and grace in the gospel. They are focused and on mission in their own lives at home, work, and in the community. They are actively thinking about and working out their salvation as it pertains to their own story and how God has uniquely gifted them to reach people for Christ. This is a mature Christian and it is where we seek to take every believer who submits themselves to our leadership and joins themselves to our fellowship in membership to the Church. 

Live the Story of Redemption

The story of redemption takes a certain shape. You might think of this shape as it is described by John Newton in the song Amazing Grace (right).

As you can see Newton did not see it as the end of the story when he was saved initially. This was just the beginning. He walks many years through many difficulties, toils and snares. It is dangerous. He has triumphed and is thankful. He thanks the Lord for graciously bringing him this far. And now he says that grace has taught his heart to fear and rely on the Lord for future struggles and hardships.

This life of faithfulness to the story of redemption is not intended to be lived alone. We have the Holy Spirit and our Great High Priest, but we also have the people of God walking in solidarity together.